Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mama Mia! We can move!!

Eli has learned to do so much the past couple of months. Much to Ryan's chagrin, he said Mama first! Even though he can now say Dada as well, Mama is his favorite. He says it constantly!!

Eli is also crawling these days he's getting really good at it and recently managed to pull himself up to a standing position.

Anyway, the best part is that I have videos of him saying Mama and army crawling for the first time.  I also included a few of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!!

6 months!

I know these are a little late but here are Eli's 6 month pictures.  I think they turned out amazing!  Who knew our child would have such red hair!

Valentine's Delight!

Ryan and I took Eli to the Piedmont Chocolate Festival.  He was so cute, however, Ryan and I did feel a little guilty about being there with our 6 month old while everyone else was about 10.  We decorated brownies and then played in the library for a while.  I must say.....the brownies were pretty tasty!

Decorating our brownie!

Showing off our box!

Happy Baby!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas Time!

So I'm a little late getting this going but I wanted to share some photos from Christmas.  We had a great time and we were super busy seeing family!

Matt's first time to meet Eli!

Snoozing together...

Eli looks a little unsure...

May the force be with you!

Making cookies with Grammy



Christmas Carnage. 

I think he likes the horsie!

Yep, really loves the horse.

This is how we travel...

Christmas Day.

Eli is way more interested in his cousin then in taking this picture!

Hanging with the California Wedels!

Eli and Grandpa!

The Wedel Cousins!!

We love Santa.  Can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eli's Three Month Pictures! I can't believe he is so big already!

Good gosh I love this kid!  I hope you enjoy his smile as much as I do.  Thanks Lindsey for such beautiful pictures.  I can't wait until next time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....

Several months ago, I drove to Mustang to meet Dr. Ainsworth and interview for my future job.  As I nervously drove, I glanced to my right and saw a wonderful thing that instantly took my mind off being nervous....a christmas tree farm.  I called Ryan immediately and and told him that going to the farm, picking out a tree, and cutting it down to put in our house has always been a dream for me.  Since that day, I have passed that farm many times and each time, I get excited at the prospect of picking out my tree. Since I had Eli, that dream has only intensified.  I could picture two or three kids running around saying, "How about this one, Mom?".  Well, my fantasy has become a reality.

After months of bugging Ryan about going to this tree farm, I informed him that Sunday was the day. We were going to go and get our tree.  Ryan, for those of you who know him, did the expected thing--he grumbled and complained.  "Why would anyone pay to cut down their own tree when we can go to Lowes and buy one already packaged up for us?" He must have asked me this question a million times as I nagged him into driving over to the farm.  He scowled and mumbled the whole way but I WON. We bundled up Eli, grabbed a cart and started searching.  I found what I was looking for in a beautiful, seven foot tree that was wide and full.  Thank goodness that our friendly tree farm staff had very sharp bow saws or I would never have heard the end of it.  Ryan cut it down in about fifteen seconds and we loaded it up on our cart.  After they shook it to get rid of the loose pine needles and wrapped it up, we took it home and put it in it's new stand.  We decorated for about two days and below is what we got.  Even Ryan had to admit that it was fun and the tree was really pretty.  I am so excited that Eli was there to help pick his first tree. I think this is a great new family tradition and one that I know I will look forward to every year.   

Picking out our tree.

My big, strong hubby cutting down our tree!

Loading it up.

Doesn't Ryan look excited!

Our finished tree.  Pretty.